Nighthawks (1942)
by Edward Hopper

This is also a painting very well known in popular culture and several parodies have been made of it; indeed, no poster shop is complete without a reproduction of Hopper's Nighthawks and maybe another version with Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart sitting at the counter.

No one has yet been able to identify the exact location of this late-night diner in New York City although theories abound as to where exactly it might have been. Hopper's paintings resonate with many because of their depictions of urban loneliness and angst. The light is harsh, the faces are weary, and are we looking at our own lives?

Joe works at the 24-hour diner to support his dream of someday becoming a crime writer. One evening, an intriguing woman walks in and he yearns for her friendship, but what dark alley is he prepared to go down for that?

This story is not available online.

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