Finished The Snack Bar Comic

At last the wordless comic is finished! It was certainly an enjoyable comic to draw, more so because I did not have the hassles of adding the text afterwards in Photoshop – post-scanning work is what I dread most about comic making, and I am not sure that using a Wacom Bamboo has made the process significantly more enjoyable (although clearing up scanning dust spots is now far easier). The comic was planned right from the very start and I made very rough sketches of each of the frames for all ten pages, so every time I started to pencil a new page, I used the sketches as a reference for what was going to happen in each panel. In this way I think I managed to pace the story quite tightly, far better than the rambling style of Nighthawks. Being free of text, I was also able to use jQuery and Thickbox to display each page in a somewhat slick manner, better than clicking on links in the older two stories. I would pencil in the page fairly quickly and then spend the next hour or so inking it, if I could still face doing any drawing in the same day. Sometimes I could only muster two pages a week.

So now, I have to think of a new painting to focus my fourth story on, and to work out the plot. I’ll be in Scotland for a break so here’s hoping for a few flashes of inspiration.

Plodding on

Back from Germany and in the last week I only managed to work on two pages as I had too many other distractions. I really hope to finish Nighthawks by the end of this week; I’ve grown rather tired of it now, and I think it shows in the artwork. I don’t feel the same sense of satisfaction that I felt when I was finishing off the Card Players, I suppose I am not too certain about how this story will be received by readers. So far I’ve not received much feedback about it, which may be a good or bad sign. If you, dear reader, have got this far, please take a spare few minutes to drop me a note and let me know your thoughts. But the good thing is, the ‘Nighthawks’ panel is done and it is also on the title page.