Month: December 2009

New look website

Perhaps I’ve been procrastinating slightly on starting story number 4 but I’ve only really fleshed out the core of the story over the weekend, while lying awake in the early morning, unable to get back to sleep after being awoken by noise. So I’ll have to begin work on sketching the panels roughly and writing the dialogue over the next few days whenever I find the time, but there are many other pressing matters to attend to, not least because Christmas is fast approaching and my task list is growing.

Discovered a gem of a magazine over the weekend – The Believer, with a Chris Ware-lookalike cover and a special issue on art. They have a special comics section now too, it is a shame the subscription postage charges are so prohibitively expensive.

Anyway I think that some people have been bypassing my comic stories because the links to the stories themselves haven’t been too obvious. I’m also tired of a boring black background, having used one for my photography website for years. I think it’s time to brighten up the landscape. This egg yolk background is so irrepressibly summery and cheerful, in stark contrast to the stories themselves, so I think it works well, if only because it’s no longer black. I scrawled out a quick drawing with my pen tablet and Photoshop CS4, and learned a few more things about colour fills in PS. Anyway I hope this new website design will make it clearer to visitors that they have to actually click on the painting titles to access the stories.

I should mention here that I have got sort of an unpaid commission to do a comic strip for a university-based newsletter. No more details will be forthcoming on that. I may post a link to the comic strip sometime, but I’ve only done one so far and it remains to be seen whether I’ll do many more!