Month: August 2012

‘Ash Wednesday’ on Emanata

Excuse the silence on this blog! I’m not in a habit of updating blogs and telling all and sundry about the latest happenings in my life, but I have been working on a short story since sometime in early June and finally released it to the Emanata iPad comics reader app in early August. Yesterday ‘Ash Wednesday’ was released to the public on Emanata – a short, 8-page story about a man who has a nostalgic trip back to the city where he used to live, on a somewhat unusual mission.

My free postcard advertising 'Ash Wednesday'

At the Small Press Festival earlier this month, I gave away some free postcards from my table to advertise this short story and my own work in general. I will publish it eventually in another collection of short stories but for now, it’s only available on Emanata (download it if you have an iPad, it’s FREE! And it’s great for discovering new, indie artists that you may never hear about otherwise!). I don’t  know yet if I will put this story up on my website. It will depend on other projects I have in my pipeline, and of course, upgrading my 2006 iMac to a new Mac setup which may suck up a good portion of spare time over the next couple of weeks. Of course, if I decide to put it up on my website, it’ll be announced on this blog.

So that’s all, folks… for maybe another few weeks or months, depending on when I feel inspired to blog something again, hopefully sooner rather than later. I’m already pondering over a second short story, ideas are pretty vague at present.