Month: December 2013

New books for Christmas

There must be something about my books and Friday 13th, but I believe my first delivery of Painting Stories arrived on a Fri 13th too, a couple of years ago. This morning my preferred printers, InkyLittleFingers earned another glowing review from me by printing, binding and dispatching my books on the same day and the courier rang my doorbell early this morning with the much-anticipated booty in a small, well-packed box.

So here it all is, all 75 copies of Cabaret Voltaire Issue Two.

I will update my website SOON so anyone can buy copies of this book from the website at a special, lower website price. Next week I’ll be heading to Foyles to talk to the good people there about stocking copies of this book. Just in time for Christmas!

Off to the press!

Cabaret Voltaire issue two has been sent to the printers, just a little bit ahead of schedule, but my head was whirring with anxiety last night thinking of all the last minute things I had to do before I could hit the relevant buttons and upload the PDF files to InkyLittleFingers. Painstakingly preparing and checking the final A5 book itself, getting the PDFs of the inner pages and the outer cover ready used to be a fraught and stressful process as I was learning as I went along. This time it was surprisingly easy, as I now understood what ‘bleeds’ meant and how many millimetres to add to the cover artwork to prevent unsightly white edges in the final product. After tossing and turning for what felt like hours last night, wondering whether I should select 115gsm off-white recycled paper or a similar bleached white paper, this morning I awoke somewhat refreshed despite only 5 hours sleep, and pencilled in the new final frame that I felt should replace the rather shoddily-inked one of a few days ago.

I feel that one at least should finish with a bang and not a whimper.

The final inked page still suffers from a slightly misshaped brush (the new one from Cass Arts wasn’t so good to start with!) but it is still better than the original version. Admittedly, I am a bit tired of drawing/inking and I suspect it shows.


And this is the cover of the Cabaret Voltaire issue two – [edited post for colour correction] if all goes well, it will be ready in time for Christmas gifts. Place a pre-order by emailing me now, or wait a week or two for the relevant shopping links to appear on my website – just like magic! The book will be priced at £5.00, full colour cover and B&W illustrations inside. 90pp. I think when I get Foyles and possibly other shops to stock it, the price may well be slightly higher.