A new year and fresh opportunities on the horizon

Happy New Year to anyone who reads my blog! It has been a little while and so I might post some updates about my new book here. I’ve succeeded in stocking my books in Foyles – the Cabaret Voltaire II is on sale there for £6.50. If you happen to be in Foyles on Charing Cross Road, look in the graphic novels – Indie section on the ground floor by the information desk, you can find them under J, along with my older books. The books are also displayed in another indie comic shelf for better publicity. So far, I suspect it might take a review or two to shift the books, but we will see. I will be taking some of these books to Gosh Comics as well, so stay posted.

Anyway, while we’re on the topic of wordless graphic novels, there’s a new show touring NYC that looks very interesting.

Do check out the video preview!

I would most definitely go if I were in NYC. I don’t have any more details about the show but anything that showcases artists like Nuckel, Ward and Masereel can’t go far wrong in my books!

As far as stocking my books in the Far East, I have approached a Singaporean independent bookseller and am hoping we can work out a deal to stock my books there as well. It certainly can’t hurt to spread one’s wings… although none of my books have any particularly “Asian” flavour to them at all, which might confound people who pick up my book, expecting something a little different from an author with my name.

As for working on a new story for CV III, that’s still up in the air somewhere. While I have a couple of ideas brewing, I’d also like to see how well CV II does in sales before I embark on yet another project and fill my spare room with boxes of unsold books…