I'm Jinru Ong (pinyin: Wang Renru) and I'll be the first to admit I am not a big comics reader even now, but I count some graphic novels among my favourite books and enjoy creating comics myself. I grew up obsessively reading Donald and Scrooge McDuck weeklies and later on, I became hooked on Peanuts comic strips and all the Sunday funnies. I had always enjoyed drawing satirical cartoon strips in school, mocking teachers and friends alike. While I enjoyed writing and drawing my own elaborate graphical dramas (in pencil) in school exercise books throughout my teenage years, I never once imagined that anyone could be interested in reading my half-baked concoctions. These days, I'm more inspired by the work of artists like Seth, the aesthetics of Craig Thompson and the dramatic, wordless storytelling of woodcut artists such as Otto Nückel and Lynd Ward that paved the way. In my own stories, I try to explore the psychology of people who encounter and grapple with loneliness in different ways.

I am of Chinese origin, however my cartooning interests have always been rather more 'bande dessinée' than manga, and I hope my name does not mislead anyone into thinking my work is specifically oriental in any sense.

Drawing my first book of 6 short stories took me longer than I had envisaged, mostly because of procrastination and other work (mobile iOS development) but I finally managed to complete the 6th and final story in early 2012 and so, decided to embark on this exciting self-publishing project.

I update my blog every now and again with news, so do check there periodically for updates!